What we finance for your business

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Office Automation

Multifunctional Printers has long been our core focus as the rental finance mechanism is best suited to clients who need to acquire crucial business automation devices but aim to conserve cashflow for expansion.


Gaining clients are achieved when your business is available and when communication is crystal clear. But as quality telco systems are expensive, rental asset finance makes these systems vital to your business success more affordable.

Medical Equipment

Rentals not only helps your hospital, clinic or practice afford specialized equipment, but also affords you the ability to upgrade equipment regularly without additional capital outlay. This enables you to always operate with equipment that's at the cutting edge of medical technology.

Solar & Backup Energy

Your business needs affordable energy to survive and thrive. Rental asset finance has become a method of choice when acquiring a solar or battery backup solution for your business as the monthly rental payment is accounted for as an operating expense.

IT Hardware

Setting up a new office or needing to upgrade ageing IT infrastructure need not be a cause for big capital outflow. Acquiring Servers, PC's, Laptops and Network hardware installations on rental asset finance agreements conserves capital.

CCTV surveillance

Security and surveillance has become integral to protecting our businesses and valuable assets. Rental asset finance provides an affordable way for you to get peace of mind that your assets are secure and monitored.

Why we finance it for you

Lets talk benefits

  • With asset rentals we facilitate the acquisition of critical business operating equipment so you can preserve your cashflow.
  • No Deposit or capital expense (CAPEX) is required with rentals and this keeps your working capital intact.
  • Rentals are off Balance Sheet expenses so it wont affect any financial ratios.
  • Asset rentals reflects as an operating expense in the Income Statement making it 100% deductible.
  • VAT is paid monthly and is offset against the business’ VAT charged.
  • Fixed annual escalations can be used to lower monthly rental amounts to suit historic budget increase patterns.
  • With rentals you can acquire a wide range of business asset classes and upgrade should the business requirements change.

How we finance it for you

Lets talk Process

  • After you have selected the hardware you require to move your business forward, download, complete and submit the application to us.
  • Your application gets assessed and we will request the required support documentation from you based on the amount of capital required.
  • Your supplier submits his quotation to us and once all documentation is received we process your application for an approval.
  • Once approved, the Supplier will get the green light from us to install your new equipment.
  • On completion of a successful installation we will finalize the documentation with you.
  • Documentation gets verified and you receive a call to confirm your total satisfaction with your new equipment.
  • The supplier then submits his invoice and we make payment the equipment.

Become a Dealer

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Are you a supplier and interested in offering rental asset finance options to your clients?

Get your application process started by downloading and completing your application from the download application button and submit it by clicking the submit button so we can review.

Working with ITF has significant benefits for the supplier:

We manage the client’s application process, leaving you to focus on your business.
Our interest rates and rental terms are competitive.
Your client base will expand as you now offer clients all the benefits of rental asset finance.
You can secure more business based on being able to provide a finance option that makes it easier for clients to commit to as opposed to a huge capital expenditure.